Saturday, January 18, 2014

Two cents.

Salam. Morningggggg lovely people!

I have one big question in mind, why do we wait for someone who doesnt even care about us?

I seriously tak faham. And I tak pernah tunggu orang untuk suka I balik. I never wait for one particular person. Kalau I suka dia, dia tak suka I balik, no matter how much I suka dia, I akan distract diri I dengan benda lain.

Sb I selalu malang bab suka orang nie. Bila I suka dia, dia pegi suka dekat kawan I, yang rapat. Gila kau! Hahaha.

Bila I break up, I cried. I pun manusia normal. But I move on quickly. I masih sayang, tapi I tak simpan harapan. So cari je lah someone else kan?

People see it as we are not a loyal person looking for pengganti dengan sangat cepat not realizing how much its killing us inside.

I used to like someone, sampai sekarang pun I suka. It is limited until there je lah since I have my special someone kan. Masa I suka dia, I find myself being a nuisance to him. Seriously. Bila dia being honest saying he's not ready and bla bla bla I kept a distance. I created new Facebook acc, and even change my blog domain.

Bila kita tahu orang tak suka, kita jangan tunggu. Jangan sakitkan hati sendiri.

This is so different dengan after break up. After break up, we used to have mutual feelings but not this. Ini adalah bertepuk sebelah tangan, dan takkan berbunyi. And its hurt!

Keep a distance is not running away. Its giving yourself a space to find whats wrong and to move on. Kita kena belajar menerima ketentuan. Follow the flow. Don't be harsh with our own feeling. We might not recover.

Apa yang I cakap selalunya adalah benda yang berlaku pada I atau within my surroundings. Based on experience dan logik yang I rasa logik. Everyone has different view on things but it is never a crime to accept how other people think. There's no right or wrong in expressing ones thought. Selagi benda tu tak jadi harm on oneself. Kalau harmful, its not appropriate anymore to have feelings like that.

Keyboard-off. Daa~

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