Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Assalamualaikum wbt.

Good morning peeps! How are you guys doing? Well, its a beautiful morning isn't it? I wish you guys have a very great day plus productive day too! Mine? I had just sent off mother and brothers to school. Morning routine.

What's about tears that I'm gonna brag today?

Why is it tears become synonim with girls, ladies and women? Women easily cried over something. Either they are happy or sad, tears overflowing. Am I right? Naaaa naaaa! Its a true true. No denial please? Haha.

Me myself been crying a lot nowadays. Because of this thing called love? Tipical woman I am. I know. Damn tiring but cannot stop doing that everynight. Pfffft!

There's a saying said that tears are women's best weapon. Yes? No? Haha. Just because guys are moved when they see women cry, doesn't mean we can cry every time. However, this saying does not goes perfectly with my boyfriend. No matter how much I cried, he just don't give a damn. Damn! Haha. I've been sleeping with a box of tissues everynight now. And been wake up with swollen eyes. Grrrr.

Sometimes, we cried over something that is just not worth it. In the end, we realized we've been wasting our tears for people who never care. Surprisingly, eventhough we realized how much they don't care and how much it is not worth it, we still cried like tomorrow is dying. Bla bla bla. Cry. Yda yda yda. Cry. As if we live to cry. Blergh but yeah, the ugly truth.

Been there, done that.

Tears. By crying actually, we released our sadness. Well most of the time, people cry because they are sad. So yes, no matter how hard we try not to cry, we end up crying harder than we ever know. Some people will ask us to stop crying and some will ask you to cry to feel relieves. Honestly, tears really wash away your sadness, for at least 24hours before you actually start crying again. Haha.

Some people cry anywhere, anytime they feel like crying. I'm one of them. I used to received a bad news at a mall, and I cried over there. Tears can't wait! Seriously. Some choose to cry when they are alone. OMG! They are so strong. You know how hard it is to pretend you're not sad and you don't want to cry? Its hard and I don't even dare to do that. Haha. I'm lame liddat :p

Well, tears are women best friend. Deny me! Heh. However, I do not recommend you to make crying as a habit. Well, if you know what I mean. I know you don't know what I mean but nevermind, ignore it!

P/s to mr boyfriend again: Are you happy knowing I've been aging for crying a lot so that we can be together because I look older than my age. Pfffft. Iloveyou and imissyou. SO MUCH!

Love, XOXO

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